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All About Our Pressure Washing Service

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Without maintenance, Mother Nature can create quite the mess upon your property - especially in Grand Rapids, MN. The rain, snow, and everchanging seasons more often than not - leave behind noticeable aftereffects which can include anything from sedimentary deposits, to growth of unwanted greenery. Cultivating a clean environment can prevent against natural damage to your property, as well as keeping it the best looking in the neighborhood.

Our Pressure Washing Service ensures the structures on your property are kept decontaminated. We serve to minimize the collection of nature's debris in order to protect anything from your roof to your sidewalk; because when neglected, in Grand Rapids, MN, Mother Nature herself can take over - digging a hole you don't want to be in. We're here to prevent against your negative property situations, through producing positive results.

What's Included

When it comes to our pressure washing service, there are two different "package" options we offer. Those packages consist of the deluxe, or the premium selections.

The deluxe pressure washing package includes the pressurized spraying, or soft-washing to a specified structure of your choosing. This package comprises of water only - whereas our premium package adds the use of specialized chemicals to enhance not only the cleaning effects of the service, but can offer continued protection against the effects of the environment.

Most common elements power-washed consist of:

- Siding (Vinyl, wood, or tin)

- Decks (Vinyl, or wood)

- Sidewalks or driveways (Concrete, or asphalt)

- Entryways or patios (Tile, or brick)

- Fencing (Plastic, wood, or vinyl)

- Outdoor furniture (Plastic, or vinyl)

- Vehicles or mobile homes

- Miscellaneous items (lawnmowers, bikes, boats, or trailers)

No matter which package you feel is best, or what you decide to have cleaned, the end result is all the same. A fantastic customer experience, and spotless work. View our INSTANT QUOTING page, and answer a few questions in order to determine which package suits you best!


All of the equipment used on your home or business consists of top-notch, reliable, industry proven pressure washing accessories. We take value in providing you with a professional job well done, and have used extra care in determining what will create the most satisfied outcome.

The supplies we use includes, but is not limited to:

- Professional grade power washers

- Professional grade pressure fit hoses

- Pressure tips specifically fit towards the job at hand

- Telescopic pressure pole for hard-to-reach areas

- Extension ladders

- Step ladders

- Micro-Fiber towels

- Specialized chemicals fit towards the job at hand

How To Get Something Pressure Washed

If you're located within the Grand Rapids, MN area, and would like to have something pressure washed, look no further than Northcliff Property Services. We provide you with the best pressure washing services in the area, and would be more than happy to help you out! Whether it be residential or commercial, visit our INSTANT QUOTING page to receive a free, no obligation detailed quote on your next pressure washing endeavor; we'll take it from there! If you'd rather talk to us, give us a call or text at (218)301-8020, message us on Facebook, or email us at

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