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Providing Exceptional Lawn Care in 
Northern MN

Our Lawn Care Services

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Using rakes, blowers, and other equipment - Our leaf removal service will leave your yard looking pristine in the Fall or Spring months.

Leaf Removal

Our Lawn Care Service includes mowing, and trimming in order to enhance the look, and health of your yard.

Lawn Care

Our Screen Cleaning Service clears any debris lodged within the screen mesh. Ensuring proper ventilation for your windows, and a clean look for your home. 

Our Tree Removal Service allows us to cut up, and remove fallen trees from your property.

Tree Removal


Why Should you Clean your Property?

While a healthy, thick, deep-green lawn is certainly eye-catching, its attractiveness isn’t its only benefit.

In fact, grass can be an important element of a sustainable ecosystem, especially in heavily developed areas. Your yard cleans the air through photosynthesis, soaks up excess water, moderates temperature, and also reduces noise pollution at your property. Our yard clean-up service consists of raking leaves, sticks, grass clippings; anything that you could possibly want cleaned out of your yard - enhancing the look, and health of your lawn. Within the Grand Rapids, MN area, this service keeps your property looking pristine and ready for anything.


Restore Your Yard Instantly!

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