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All About Our Window Cleaning Service

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Spotless, streak-free, crisp n' clean, pristine, sparkling. These are all words to describe the after-effect of having your windows cleaned by Northcliff Property Services. We strive to provide you with not only a top notch customer experience, but a service that will leave the sun shining through your glistening windows, and right onto your smiling face.

Our window cleaning service keeps your windows squeaky clean and streak free. We rub and scrub your windows to release the buildup of grease, grime and airborne contaminants by squeegeeing the glass clean with professional-grade equipment. Removing 99.9% of the water and dirt from the pores of the glass itself; while the edges and sills are wiped clean and dry, leaving behind nothing but sparkling glass.

What's Included

When it comes to our window cleaning service, there are a few different "package" options we offer. Those packages consist of the basic (exterior), the basic (interior), the deluxe, or the premium selections.

The basic exterior package includes pristine cleaning of every window at your property, along with the scrubbing/wiping down of the window frames. The basic interior package includes the equivalence of the latter mentioned service, but only on the inside of your property or business.

If you're looking for the combination of the two prior mentioned services, look no further than our "deluxe" window cleaning package. The deluxe level involves the cleaning of both sides of your window panes; inside, and outside. The deluxe package not only provides a very reasonable price point, but is more likely to leave you with that "wow" factor through having both sides of the windows cleaned.

Last, but certainly not least is our "premium" window cleaning package. If your home or business has a screen in every window, this service is for you - as the premium designation comprises of both sides of the windows cleaned, along with every screen scrubbed as well. Protecting each window from the build-up of harmful debris that gets stuck between the window assembly itself, and the screen.

No matter which package you feel is best, the end result is all the same. A fantastic customer experience, and very clean windows. View our INSTANT QUOTING page, and answer a few questions in order to determine which package suits you best!


All of the equipment used on your home or business consists of top-notch, reliable, industry proven window cleaning accessories. We take value in providing you with a professional job well done, and have used extra care in determining what will create the most satisfied outcome.

The supplies we use includes, but is not limited to:

Professional grade squeegees

Professional grade window solution scrubbers

Scrapers engineered specifically for glass

Extension ladders

Step ladders

Multi-purpose ladders

Micro-fiber towels

Our "Secret Specialized Window Cleaning Solution"

How To Get Your Windows Cleaned

If you're located within the Grand Rapids, MN area, and would like to have your windows cleaned, look no further than Northcliff Property Services. We provide you with the best window cleaning services in the area, and would be more than happy to help you out! Whether it be residential or commercial, visit our INSTANT QUOTING page to receive a free, no obligation detailed quote on your next window cleaning endeavor; we'll take it from there! If you'd rather talk to us, give us a call or text at (218)301-8020, message us on Facebook, or email us at

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